The Winter-blues – has got nothing to do with music.

tired of winterThe sky is brownish-grey, it is cold, the wind is howling and you feel the need to eat. Something, anything should make you feel beter. These winter blues are getting to you.  Spring is around the corner and you know you should feel excited and energized, but you don’t.  So what went wrong?  This time of year depression levels sky-rocket and suicide numbers rise.

Who were made first: the chicken or the egg? That depends on your own evolution theory.  So what was first then; depression or anxiety, restlessness or poor work performance, lack of energy or total burn-out?  It doesn’t matter which symptoms were first, but what matters is that you don’t ignore these warning signs. These symptoms aren’t to be messed with.  It is called seasonal affective disorder.  It can end up in loneliness, getting fired, divorce and even suicide.  If you suffer of any of these, you must make haste to see a professional like a life coach.

A life coach can help you work through these feelings of depression and worthlessness, help you establish a new optimistic mindset and get into a lifestyle where you have a work/play balance. There isn’t a quick 5 step fix to this one.  By letting a life coach and his/her team of professionals help you, you too can start smiling, humming and tapping your foot to the tunes of the winter-blues.

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