What will make your event successful and memorable? By Rozanne Raath

Book Rozanne for your next event, workshop
Book Rozanne for your next event, workshop

I have been a speaker at numerous events as well as bought my tickets for a fair share of them.  They all seem to have the same program:

Someone opens the event for 15 minutes.  Two or three others also have something to say.  Some dance group or artist delivers a few items and eventually food is served and the main speaker gets his/her chance.  The speaker is sometimes famous, but isn’t a professional.  They tell a nice story, but tomorrow your guests have forgotten all about it.  After two hours you finally get your chance of chatting with your friends and eating away.  But no-one does an event differently because this is the status quo.

Here’s a few pointers that will make your event successful and memorable:

  • Facilities should have good lighting, sound, comfortable seating and be easy to find.
  • Give your audience enough time to visit the stalls beforehand, but start your event punctually. It shows respect of others schedules.
  • Have the food and drinks on the table for guests to enjoy from the get-go. Most are starving because they fed the kids and the pets, but not themselves.
  • Ask the MC to keep the opening short.
  • Have activities where your guests can interact, take part and have fun, like a photo booth with instant pictures they can take home.
  • Book a really good artist or none at all.
  • Then play nice background music and give your guests some time to take a comfort break, stretch legs and chat (that’s what they came for).
  • Then introduce your main speaker. When booking a speaker, keep the following in mind:
  1. They should be a professional in their field.
  2. They should offer sound, practical advice.
  3. They should be able to teach your audience about a specific challenge in their lives.
  4. People take advice from others who are just normal people that have to work and manage a family.
  • Keep the thank you’s short and sweet.
  • End off with good music and time to shop and chat.

Good luck and blessings with your event.

To book Rozanne for your event send a request to rraath.coach@gmail.com   Click on the link to Inspired List of Workshops to read about Rozanne’s topics.

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