2016 A year of change

We have been forced to either adapt or die in 2016, although most people hate change. The following piece was posted by Burridge on Dec 14, 2016 on the Life Coaching Insights blog at http://www.life-coaching-insights.com/2016-year-of-change/ It’s a great read!

Change – the new norm

The upshot of all this seemingly glum news is that, although 2016 has been a year of great change and – it’s fair to say – upheaval, change on the scale we have experienced this year is almost certainly the new norm and not a random blip on the chart!

Why here?

Life Coaching Insights is primarily a site for good news and uplifting messages of personal development … so why have I chosen to focus on news that most would derive some discomfort and anxiety from, you may ask?

The reason is because, first and foremost, this Blog is about life coaching and the wonderfully positive effects of life coaching – even if that message is often conveyed ‘between the lines’.

The antidote

And life coaching, in my opinion, offers the perfect antidote to a world that is becoming increasingly challenging to live in as the result of the ever increasing rate of change that we are being exposed to.

Good life coaching practice promotes the importance of understanding, appreciating and even wholeheartedly embracing change.

Although changes in our external world may seem daunting and even threatening, they are just that – changes.

If we can learn to expect, rather than dread change, and equip ourselves for the challenges that change brings, rather than bury our heads in the sand and hope it won’t be too awful, then we can begin to break through all the doom and gloom that the media portrays and would have us feel, and begin to sense the many and diverse opportunities that change presents to us.

The power to create our own reality

Through life coaching you will learn to appreciate the unbridled power that resides in each of us to create the reality that we truly desire.

You are not meant to be here as a powerless passenger, helpless – in the presence of a hostile world – to change the course of your life and destiny. If you choose to believe that is the case then, of course, that will be your reality … but you can choose to believe differently and take responsibility for creating the life you really want to live.

When you do so, you will start to see the challenges that the external world throws up in a completely different light – as opportunities for growth. And, as the rate of change around you increases, so does the rate of increase in opportunities for growth – and the scale of the personal growth available to you!

2017 will require a change of mindset

As you bid farewell to 2016 and prepare for the even greater changes that 2017 will undoubtedly bring, know that it is your mindset, attitude, level of self-awareness and degree of self-belief that will determine whether this is something to be scared of … or something to embrace with open arms!

If you haven’t yet tried life coaching, then make 2017 the year to give it a shot.

Better still, if you want to experience all the amazing benefits of life coaching and then use this newfound awareness and knowledge to build a career helping others to experience the same, then I invite you to consider training with New Insights to become a life coach yourself.




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