Rozanne coaches either on an individual basis, in a personalized workshop (5 – 20 people) or as a motivational speaker to larger groups (50+ people). You are welcome to book her for your next team building event, charity tea or men’s breakfast. She also has a special heart to take skills and knowledge to the smaller towns. She is willing to travel. There is also a commission for the event co-ordinator in smaller towns.

You can expect a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it. You can expect someone who will hold you accountable and keep you moving forward toward your dreams and goals.

She coaches in the following areas:

1. Coaching toward inspired families
Rozanne prefers to work with the parents and the child or children (from age 7) to restore and create meaningful relationships in the family. She uses play as a means of experiential learning and rebuilding relationships.

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2. Coaching toward inspired men and women 

Adapting to major life changes like:

  • marriage
  • parenthood
  • career changes
  • loss
  • divorce

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3. Coaching toward inspired wealth

Rozanne coaches entrepreneurs.  Working with a purpose and being satisfied at work are a rare commodity these days. Most people are suffering from burn-out. Rozanne addresses workplace issues on the following levels:

  • Team development in the various areas of Emotional intelligence
  • Workshops in collaboration with a wealth manager to structure your personal finance, your retirement plan and to emotionally prepare for retirement.
  • Employee wellness project support for companies or clients of ICAS.

4. Mentoring and supervision

Rozanne provides mentoring and supervision to both Life coaches and Registered Counsellors to start up their own private practice or to provide emotional support. Rozanne mentors others in business to succeed and to create a work-life balance.

Remember, your mind holds the key to manifest success, or disaster. I personally prefer success.


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