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COACHING 201 WORKSHOP – Topic specific group coaching sessions

This package consists of:

  • Material to prepare on the topic emailed one week in advance.
  • Workbook for the group session.
  • 6 group sessions of 2 hours (1 per month, every second Tuesday of the month)- R 450 per group
  • 6 individual sessions (1 per month) – R 650 per session
  • If you miss a session you will receive a DVD recording of that session to catch up.
  • 15% discount if full amount is paid up front.
  • Tea, coffee and juice included.

To reap the most benefits from this course, attendance of all groups and individual sessions are vital.  The individual sessions will give you the opportunity to work on your personal goals or talk about more personal stuff that you didn’t want to share in the group.  I know that you will want to bring your friends and family with after you’ve done a session or if you have read the prep. material and want to invite someone with… so I will accommodate them too.  They will just pay for that group session attended and any other sessions attended after that.

Most of the clients I invited are introverts, don’t like a group setting, don’t trust others… I know what you’re thinking… Just give it a go.  You know me by now, I won’t put you on the spot or share your personal stories.  Do you know the benefits of working in a group?

  • You are not that weird, others feel just like you.
  • Others may ask that question that you also wondered about.
  • The ideas and solutions shared in a group are much more.
  • You will meet interesting new people in a safe environment.


Language: Most of the material will be in English, but depending on the group the discussion will either be in English or Afrikaans.

The possible topics that will be covered are:

  1. In what state is my life, introduction and life wheel.
  2. Love yourself as you love others – Self-care, sensitivity to your needs and energy levels.
  3. How to be a good friend and make new friends.
  4. How to be a great partner.
  5. Conflict – what it is, how you fight and how to be better at it.
  6. Boundaries – what it is, how good are you at building walls and how to keep it functional.
  7. How to sell yourself, ace that job interview and attract new clients.
  8. What is your rights and responsibilities in the workplace as an employee and as an employer.
  9. What do you do for fun – getting more fun, adventure, laughter and joy into your life.

Please indicate which 5 topics you like best by just listing their numbers.  If you can think of a great topic, let me know too.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you at our first meeting.


conference table

Crazy Busy Conference

Presented by Rozanne Raath (Business and Change Life Coach) and

Sonelle van der Linde (Dietician, food fundi and caterer)

You are hereby invited to book a ”Crazy Busy’’ event for your company.  This event is aimed at crazy busy business people in search of and yearning to set boundaries, staying focused on priorities and improving their effectiveness in all areas of life.

The first two conferences was a success.  The members enjoyed and found it practical and solution-driven. If you would like to book the event exclusively for your company (a minimum of 10 delegates), please contact Rozanne Raath at rraath.coach@gmail.com for a customized lay-out.

We will diagnose the following symptoms as well as give the prescription for:

  1. The Devil vs Mankind
  2. Hello, My Name Is Busy
  3. Here, There, and Gone: Three Dangers to Avoid
  4. Mindful eating and investing your energy
  5. The killer P’s of PRIDE
  6. Being an adult in your kid’s crazy world
  7. Is screen-time leading to scream-time
  8. The “!-mark syndrome” and Love

Feel free to read more about the presenters at www.inspired2coach.net and www.bfndietician.co.za


Includes  4 hour workshop, conference material, breakfast, snacks and refreshments in a calm, relaxing and professional setting.

Please email me your enquiry and I will send you a registration form rraath.coach@gmail.com

healthy bodies = healthy minds = healthy businesses


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